Grifford Family | Washington Oaks Gardens State Park Beach | Palm Coast, FL | Jacksonville Photographer

I've noticed that after a rainstorm, there's usually a beautiful sunset that follows.

Viorica and her (absolutely cute & fashionable) family are visiting all the way from AZ, and wanted to get some family photos done while they were here in Florida.  What better place to do family photos in Florida than the beach!?  

(Disney is a close second, but it's unbearably hot right now.)

Washington Oaks Gardens State Park is the perfect beach for a family session, because it's SO empty.  Seriously - I only had to clone out ONE person from 2 of their photos.  Otherwise, we were pretty much the only ones there.

Guys, I'm obsessed with beach photos, and I need to do more.  If you want to book a sessions here at Washington Oaks, LET. ME. KNOW.

Because - this sunset.  Wow.  (The colors complimented her youngest, Olivia's, outfit too well.) Although it was pouring rain on our way down from Jacksonville, and on their way up from Orlando, it did not rain at all while we were at the beach.

It was amazing.

Oh, and parents - I'll also pull the 2 of you aside for some solo photos.   Just because you deserve it. ♡