Disney in Film | Orlando Film Photographer

As some of you may know, I'm venturing into the world of film photography, in hopes of officially offering it in my packages by 2018.  There are a couple reasons why I love film:

  • Amazing depth of field, creating a soft + timeless feel

  • The way it preserves highlights

  • Beautiful + unique rendering of colors, depending on the film used

  • The fact that I have to be extra conscious of what I'm shooting, making me slow down + take my time

I could go on and on.  Film was a dying art, but it's making a great comeback, and I think that's so exciting.

I still have so much to learn.  This was my 6th roll, and I am determined to perfect this!  And the best way to improve is to keep on shooting.

I took my 35mm film camera with me to Disney, and tested out some Portra 400 film there. Here are some of the images below.  




All images scanned by Richard Photo Lab.