UCF Grad Session experience

01. outfit + posing inspiration

To begin planning for your session, I’ll be sending you a Pinterest board full of inspiration. From outfit ideas to poses and location ideas!

Think about your journey as a student, and the story that you want conveyed in your session. While I will have my suggestions of what is best for photos, these photos are about you and I want it to be as unique and special as you are! Start brainstorming about what locations on campus mean something special to you, or areas that fit your aesthetic!

My favorite places to hang out on campus was the reflection pond. I would also walk around campus and enjoy its beauty — I always felt that the gorgeous oak trees with spanish moss and flower-filled bushes were often overlooked.

02. session Questionnaire

I want to get to know you as much as possible before we meet. So I’ve created a questionnaire filled with questions about you. This way, I can start to get to know your personality before we actually meet.

This questionnaire is sent out roughly 1 month before your session.

03. session Reminder

I send out a reminder about your session that will contain:

  • A checklist of items that you might want to pack for your session

  • A session timeline for us to follow as a guide (I always expect the unexpected) so we can have a game plan

  • And where we will meet each other on campus!

04. Let’s Shoot!

It's the day of your session! This is when we get some GORGEOUS photos of yourself, maybe pop some champagne, and have some fun!

05. Sneak Peeks

Within a few days of your session, you will receive a sneak peek gallery via Pixieset for you to post ASAP.

Your sneak peek will include 5-10 highlights from your session.

06. Final Delivery

Your final images will be delivered via Pixieset no later than 2 weeks from your session, I promise. (As outlined in the contract.) If you absolutely need the full gallery before the 2 weeks, I can have it ready for you on graduation day for a $100 rush fee.

Your gallery will remain up for 3 months. I encourage you to download the gallery into all your computers (and maybe a couple USB thumb drives just to be safe).

07. Preserving Your Memories

Don’t let your images live in digital purgatory! Make them tangible. To frame, to put in your wallet, to keep in a memory box, to be passed down.

Prints can be conveniently purchased directly from your gallery. With your print release, you may also purchase prints from a third party. But for the love of all that is good, please do not go to Walgreens / Walmart / Target. They will ruin your prints. Trusted companies that I will always recommend to my clients are:


Still have questions?

Never hesitate to send me an email. I’ll be happy to address any and all concerns that you might have!